Mack Trucks is one of the world’s most renowned brands and provides sales and service for our trucks in more than 45 countries.  An iconic American brand, Mack has a rich and storied history, from our beginnings in Brooklyn in 1900 to being recognized as a global brand that stands for reliability, durability, and roll-up-your-sleeves hard work.

It began in 1900, when the automobile was brand new and horses were still pulling the load. That’s when two brothers, Gus and Jack Mack, started building motorized carriages that could do the work of a whole stable of horses. Those trucks built America, pulled Europe out of the trenches of two World Wars and built the Panama Canal. And by creating the most dependable trucks in the world, Mack Trucks has become one of the most recognized and respected brands in the transport industry.

Our performance and reputation moved the brand into the lexicon and Mack has become a part of the language, giving rise to the phrase "Built Like A Mack Truck."

Today Mack Trucks continues producing fuel-efficient, technologically advanced, category-leading vehicles in the construction, long-and-regional haul and refuse segments.

Our licensing vision is to extend the relationship that people have with the Mack Brand beyond the workplace and into the home and to leverage the connection that people have with our brand while providing value – both emotional and commercial - to the Mack Brand and our licensees.

Mack looks for potential licensing partners that have an appreciation for authenticity and realism in design and that understand the role licensing plays in building and reinforcing brand values. Alignment with the brand attributes for Mack Trucks is of paramount importance.