About Us

With a legacy of innovation and grit dating back to 1900, Mack Trucks has helped generations navigate every turn in the road. Today, we look ahead to the future and continue to work toward our mission: Moving and Building a Better World.

As one of the largest manufacturers of trucks, engines, and transmissions in North America, and as part of the international Volvo Group, we at Mack Trucks take our responsibilities seriously. This starts with a commitment to our planet that sees us continually evolving the sustainability of our products, facilities, and supply chains. The Mack Merchandise Store reflects this mission with gifts that support environmental research, and with a specially curated collection of items made from eco-friendly materials.

Mack Trucks owns exclusive property rights to all names, logos and slogans related to the company, and we enforce all rights against unauthorized licensees or sponsors. Potential licenses interested in authorization can email RFP’s HERE for review.